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We are currently raising funds for a colleague of ours Agnes, who last year was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma-an aggressive form of bone & soft tissue cancer. At the end of June, over 40 Troy employees, suppliers & customers are cycling 20 or 50 miles to raise money so that Agnes can afford alternative treatment and we would really appreciate any and all support that we can get!

Agnes’ Story:

Agnes is a beautiful and kindhearted 33 year old wife and mother. She came to Troy Foods in 2016 and we very quickly came to realise that she is as loud and wacky as she is kind and loving. About a year ago Agnes received the devastating news that she had Ewing Sarcoma, a rare form of cancer that is found in the bones and soft tissues.

Agnes has had various forms of treatment through the NHS, however they have unfortunately been unsuccessful. She is now undertaking alternative treatments such as Vitamin IV and Oxygen therapy-which have to be paid for privately. Her family are now raising money for her to undertake a new form of treatment in Israel, which will cost £12 000.

On the 23rd June over 40 Troy Food’s employees, suppliers and customers will be cycling either 20 or 50 miles to raise as much as money as possible to help send Agnes to Israel for this ground breaking treatment. Please show your support by donating anything you can to help Agnes and her family fight this terrible disease.

To read more about Agnes’s story and donate, please follow the link below: